Angie McAllister, Seller

We worked with Katie Tibbitts as a buyer's agent when we purchased our Berkeley home, and we were delighted with her artful and expert service. We loved her so much that we called her first when we relocated and had to sell our home. Katie has such deep market knowledge and experience that we never once had to worry about the process. She was a guide on the side the entire time. Most importantly, Katie understands that selling a home is both an art and a science, and that includes pricing and preparing the home for sale. I have no doubt that we maximized our sale price because she coached us in being ready for putting our home on the market. The bottom line is that Katie took the time to get to know us, and we trust her implicitly. It's no wonder that she is a top seller in Berkeley. If we are ever lucky enough to move back to Berkeley, she will be the first person we call.
Thu, Aug 1, 2013

Max B., Buyer

My wife & I were first time home buyers in the east bay, and came to Katie at the recommendation of a close friend. She expertly guided us through the home buying process and stayed realistic and practical throughout. We greatly appreciated her ability to quickly and honestly get to the root of challenges we faced and questions we had. Yet, when something needed additional explanation, her warmth and patience went the extra mile. Her insight and ideas were incredibly thoughtful and accurate. She understands this market and area so well that she can evaluate each unique situation, and come up with a workable game plan quickly. She was also ready to mold her work style to our needs. We both work pretty busy jobs. Katie was completely happy to have the bulk of our communication be over email, which was easiest for us.
After fighting the craziness of the current market conditions for several weeks, we found a home that fit our needs perfectly. We can honestly say that without Katie we would not have been successful in purchasing it. Her suggestions, along with teaming up with a wonderful mortgage broker she suggested, allowed us to craft an offer that won. We have Katie to thank for getting us this house, and we couldn't be any happier.
Sun, Jun 9, 2013

Whitney Krey-Epstein, Buyer

Katie was a wonderful buyers' agent! In this crazy market, she definitely kept us educated and calm. We got our dream townhouse in our first choice neighborhood, no doubt in large part thanks to her advice. Would definitely work with her again!
Sat, Jan 5, 2013

Risa Jaroslow, Buyer

Katie worked with us for well over a year. We were house hunting mostly from the east coast, looking at listings online while there and seeing houses during trips to the East Bay. Katie was so patient and attentive. She educated me about the house buying process in the Bay Area which is very different from the east coast. I always felt she was doing everything she could on our behalf. I couldn't have asked for a more sympathetic and savvy guide and ally.
Thu, Dec 6, 2012

Juan M.S., Buyer

As a first time home buyer, I started thinking seriously about buying a house in California about two months ago, and yes, I too have read about the crisis...

Two months ago I was walking on Shattuck Ave. Berkeley on my way to get some coffee, when I noticed pictures of houses for sale on the windows of Coldwell Bankers' 1495 Shattuck Ave. office in Berkeley.

I went inside to asks some questions, and a person - I later learned was Katie Tibbitts - with lots of documents in her hand on her way to diligently take care of some office paperwork, saw me and said graciously, hello, may I help you? There was sincerity in her voice...

That was about one and one half month ago! Since then, I have taken Katie by her word, and have been communicating with her several times asking for assistance everyday of the week, non-stop, day and night...

During all this time of my continuous nagging, multiple and demanding questioning and countless expressions of personal doubts on my part, Katie always managed to remain calm, patient and gracious, and able to provide reasoned and timely answer to all my issues, thereby creating a transparent-information-path for my decision-making comfort and protection.

Katie has been a thoughtful mentor and a great teacher. She provided sound advise to me every step of the way on issues related to home buying.

The extra time Katie took with me was beyond the normal agent-client standard, and to my regret, I feel it may have help create a debt-entry in her family time-balance-book - in favor of her husband and daughter, but even worse, in favor of her two dogs, who had to watch with sad eyes as I took Katie away from them for site visits on countless occasions.

I sincerely want to apologize to Katie's dogs and family for this intrusion into their lives, but you must understand one can really get use to abusing people this way, it's... so easy...

Oh, and did I mentioned Katie and I managed to close in 21 days..., yep, thanks to Katie, I found a house, and closed escrow exactly 21 days after putting in a bid - talking about taking time, precious little time...

I could go on and on talking about my home-purchasing experience, however for those of you who are not familiar with - or care about - my story, or if you simply do not read jokes well, please allow me to summarize and plainly say, Katie Tibbitts is really the person YOU WANT by your side when purchasing a home... :) - and there is no better time to take her time than now!
Thu, Sep 27, 2012

Daniel, Seller

Katie did a great job selling our property off market and for a great price. She was a true value to our group, and got the deal done!
Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Solomon Gorlick, Seller

Katie helped us ready and sell our residential property in Berkeley recently. Her knowledge of the market and efficient efforts helped us get a good price in a reasonable period of time. I certainly would recommend others use her services in this market.
Mon, Jul 9, 2012

Justin, Buyer

Katie helped my wife and I buy a Victorian which had been converted to 4 units in Berkeley's Elmwood neighborhood. It's close to a year later now, and I couldn't be happier with the purchase, which is perhaps the best possible recommendation for a realtor's work. As far as process, Katie was great to work with- she wasn't just a realtor tour guide; she always had a strategy for helping us find and acquire the right property. If you want someone who is a great listener, can offer you coherent plans of action, and is tenacious in getting the deal closed, then Katie is a great choice- you're lucky if she's on your side.
Mon, Apr 2, 2012

Angie McAllister, Buyer

Katie Tibbitts is top-notch! She helped us find the perfect home in our price range, led us as we navigated all of the logistical steps that buying a home entails, and myriad other things that one expects a good agent to do. Most importantly, she got to know us, so she was able to anticipate our needs, and often she took care of them even before we knew we needed anything at all! She made what could have been an arduous process fun indeed.
Thu, Mar 22, 2012

Heather, Buyer

Katie just got through helping my fiance and I buy our first home-a condo in Berkeley. We met her when she was selling a house across the street from where we lived, and then another up the block. Both of these houses were way over our budget, but we got a great feeling from her. When we became serious about buying, she was incredibly helpful working within our price range and explaining everything. Many of the agents we met before and during the process of buying are needlessly aggressive--and, frankly, a little desperate. Katie never made us feel pressured and steered us away from purchases we would settle for and kept us feeling like we would really find OUR house. She was super awesome a
Sat, Dec 10, 2011

Sara Shnider, Buyer

Katie was a great agent. She rapidly picked up on our taste in homes, and was able to adapt her suggestions accordingly. She was creative in the places she showed us, and had suggestions for how to use the space well and fix places up. She was available often at short notice, and was very accommodating to our schedules. She is very friendly and has a true interest in her clients finding a place they are excited about. It was a pleasure working with her at all stages.
Mon, Sep 12, 2011

Floyd Weitzel, Seller

Recently Katie Tibbitts served as the real estate broker in the sale of my home. I was very impressed with her both as a professional and as a person.

Katie did an excellent job advising me in the preparation of my home previous to putting it on the market. She showed me a market analysis of homes in my area that were comparable to mine that was very helpful in setting the asking price. She helped me decide what work needed to be done on my home and even helped in the selection of improvements such as floor coverings, etc. The professionals she recommended for doing things from pre-sale inspection to final cleaning of the home were outstanding. Once the home was ready to put on the market, she worked with another excellent professional in placing furniture, wall hangings, and other details that helped immeasurably in making the home look desirable to prospective buyers.

The final measure of her efforts was evident when the home was put on the market. Within three days after the home went on the market I had three excellent offers at or above the asking price. I accepted a cash offer, and the sale closed within a month of putting the home on the market.

I would give Katie my highest recommendation to anyone wishing to sell their home, whether they are experienced in home sales or, like me, are in need of significant guidance.

Polly and Brian Caughey, Sellers

Katie did an outstanding job selling our house, a 1928 bungalow in Eugene, Oregon, that
had been in our family for over 36 years. Like many houses of that age, it has abundant
charm and craftsmanship but also had some less positive aspects that might have stood
in the way of selling it, at least for a satisfactory price.
Drawing on her background and experience, Katie immediately saw the essential value
of the house but also knew what needed to be done to give it the luster and polish it
needed so that potential buyers might see the house as we see it.
We were not committed initially to doing much to bring the house up to standard,
believing instead that it would sell itself to any perceptive person on merits that seemed
obvious to us.
It is a testament to the credibility that Katie established with us that we came to follow
her advice and made the improvements, mostly cosmetic, that showed the house to its
best advantage.
The result was an offer on the second day the house was listed for more than the listed
price. The buyers' initial remarks included a comment on how the house has obviously
been lovingly cared for. That probably would not have been so obvious but for the steps
we took at Katie's urging.

Nicole Dahmen, Buyer

Katie Tibbitts provided our family exceptional guidance and assistance in our out-of-state move to Eugene and in purchasing a home in Eugene. Katie first talked with us 6 months prior to our move. She was inquisitive and wanted to know all of the details of our move and of our dream home. On our first visit, she gave us a tour of Eugene and an overview of the real estate market. Leading up to our move, she regularly checked in and sent us many home options, via email. Upon arrival, she helped us find homes to tour and set up those tours. She was always optimistic, yet realistic and honest. We found our dream home very quickly, and in spite of some challenging circumstances from our end, she made it happen! She provided valuable assistance from start to finish. She was always present during inspections and took us to tour the home many times. Katie is responsive and always quickly responses to phone calls, emails, and text messages. She was always professional, patient, kind, and knowledgable. And we always felt that she was "on our side" and represented us with integrity and enthusiasm. She has a long history in Eugene, and is a wonderful representative for this community. We highly recommend Katie.

October 3, 2014

Grace Low, Buyer

Among the many things I appreciated about Katie Tibbitts were her sound advice about pros and cons of what kind of housing I wanted to consider, her availability and quick response to emails and phone calls, her guidance through the process of applying for a mortgage and closing and her clear explanations in response to my questions about the processes, her good judgment in suggesting several mortgage officers, and her great personality as a companion on this adventure.

Peter and Karen Asai, Sellers and Buyers

Katie Tibbitts was the perfect choice for us when we needed a realtor. We hired her because she possessed the qualities we believed were essential to successfully sell our home and locate another. She tirelessly threw herself into the task of marketing our country property with determination, using well thought out marketing techniques. She promptly scheduled a professional photographer who captured the beauty of our home and truly showcased its best features. Within two weeks, she had eye-catching brochures printed and an open house already scheduled. Her marketing persistence and “can-do” attitude resulted in a sale within 3 months of listing which is remarkable for rural property.

With our beautiful home sold, Katie turned her attention to finding us our “in town dream home”. Thanks to her keen perceptiveness, she skillfully analyzed our personal tastes and located a property that immediately captured our heart. With her even-keel temperament and down-to-earth practicality, she shepherded us through the entire selling-buying process. Clearly communicating what needed to be done and when, Katie made it all happen. She was always just a phone call or a text away and ever-available when we had questions or concerns.

We are challenged to find words to express our gratitude for the time, energy, and expertise Katie provided us. If you desire integrity, professionalism, and an enthusiasm for her job that dazzles the mind - choose Katie Tibbitts as your realtor.

Glen Potter, Seller and Buyer

Katie guided me flawlessly through a very successful and stress-free process, both in selling my former house and finding and buying my new one. I could not be happier, and I recommend Katie highly to anyone looking for knowledgeable, effective representation.

Chelsea Kari, Buyer

Katie was a fantastic real estate agent to work with on purchasing my first home. She was able to walk me through the buying process and negotiated a great rate on the house I'm in now. She has a wealth of knowledge about Eugene neighborhoods, and is able to share with her clients the true value of each home. Buying a house with Katie was an efficient and easy process. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Cheryl and Chris, Buyers

My husband and I found our perfect home in Eugene, and are so thankful for Katie's help in making this a reality. This is the fourth home we've owned, so we are somewhat experienced in the process and knew what we wanted. However, we're new to Eugene and needed guidance on areas, expectations, pros/cons, etc. Katie has a huge wealth of knowledge about the city and area of Eugene, culture, things to do, and, of course, the real estate market. She willingly shared a ton of her time educating us and sharing her perspectives on what she thought would be suitable. We weren't in a rush to buy and so we were intentionally very selective. Katie was always respectful, never pushing us or rushing the process. We frequently said, "We must be your worst clients ever!" but she was always patient. She proactively sent us listings that she thought would fit our criteria as they came on the market, and was never put out when we said, "Sorry, this isn't quite a match." When our perfect property did finally come up, Katie was AMAZING at driving the process. She was so quick with all of the details of offer, inspections, negotiation, and closing. She set everything up and made it extremely easy for us, as we were going through the transaction while in another state. The sellers of the home were also realtors, and they expressed how wonderful it was to work with Katie because she was a consummate professional -- we agree! I highly recommend Katie and will gladly work with her again.

January 20, 2018

Yin Lei, Seller

Before listing our house, Katie did a detailed and in-depth market analysis, based on which we set the price that we were very happy with and which she was confident about. From the very beginning, every professional suggestion Katie gave us was spot-on and later on proven to be extremely helpful in selling the house quickly. After just one open-house, Katie sold our house for the asking price! During the negotiation period, at times, our emotional attachment to the house got in the way. Katie patiently and professionally guided us through couple rough patches. Not only she has the eye to notice everything about the house, she also pays great attention to every person involved in the transaction. Selling a house can be stressful, but during the process we felt well taken care of. Katie is also an experienced buyer's agent, so she knows all too well what the critical things that the sellers must do to make the house sell quickly for the price the sellers want. Katie is a consummate professional. We couldn’t have hired a better listing agent! It was an absolutely wonderful experience!

April 16, 2018

Daryl Douglas, Buyer

As a first time buyer, Katie couldn’t have been more helpful and attentive. She even saved me from making a bad decision on a property I otherwise loved even though she could’ve gotten a quick sale out of it. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have found my dream home for my family.
She really has her clients’ best interest in mind, and I can’t imagine how the process could’ve been smoother, easier, or more professional.
October 18, 2019

Kelsey and Don Daniels, Buyers

Katie was a pleasure to work with. We appreciated her calm nature, clear presentation of the facts at each decision point, and her quick follow through on what we asked for. She knew the market well and gave us good advice that helped us get our house. Highly recommended!
March 3, 2020

Christine Hernandez, Buyer

Katie sold my children their home in 2018, so when I was looking for a home of my own to buy in Eugene, they recommended her to me. So glad they did! She is the consummate professional and extremely thorough about each step of home buying! My experience was very smooth because of Katie’s experience and knowledge. 5 stars all the way!
December 8, 2020